Accounting and financial systems should accomplish more than just compliance with tax and reporting regulations. Good systems also enable business owners to maximize the use of their assets and make informed decisions to help accomplish long-term goals. Whether you are looking for someone to help you implement a full financial plan, or just assist in a specific area, Summit consultants are available to provide the resources and guidance that you need.


The challenge of financial reporting is accurately communicating to key decision makers the current financial position of the organization and the expected future results based on past success. To do this effectively requires the right training, software, and processes. Summit can help you develop a financial reporting strategy and assist with implementing that strategy through your team. We can support your financial reporting goals with strategies for:

  • Financial Projection
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost Accounting

Evaluating profitability by division and product



Generating accurate and informative financial statements

Tax Preparation

Federal and State tax filings

Financial Analysis

Utilizing opportunities to generate additionl income from assets

Financial Compliance

The cost of failing to comply with any of the numerous regulations and requirement imposed on businesses can be very high.  Ensuring compliance requires addressing multiple aspects.    Summit consultants can help you identify your compliance requirements and then help you meet those requirements.   We can support your financial compliance goals with strategies for:

  • Financial Policy Development
  • Financial Policy Applications
  • Financial Risk Abatement

Asset Management

Successful organizations look for ways to minimize the cost of financing, manage their cash flow to ensure flexibility, and create opportunities for revenue and profit from existing assets and resources.  We can help you develop a plan to maintain the right balances of solvency and liquidity while also helping ensure that you maximize the return on your assets. We can support your asset management goals with strategies for:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Planning